yiruri | Biomass Micro Combined Heat and Power Generator
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Biomass Micro Combined Heat and Power Generator

바이오매스 마이크로 복합 열 및 발전기

초소형 CHP 단일 에너지원으로부터 전기와 열을 동시에 생산하고 공급할 수 있는 에너지 생산시스템

Provides electricity, hot water and heating by burning wood chips, dried feces and other solid biomass, which are easily obtainable without cost around houses where are in remote villages and no power grid.
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The machine uses a refrigerant as the working fluid that evaporates lower temperature. Therefore, the system picks up thermal energy at lower temperature than water evaporation, which is The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

The Organic Rankine Cycle is named for its use of an organic, high molecular mass fluid with a liquid-vapor phase change, or boiling point, occurring at a lower temperature than the water-steam phase change. The fluid allows Rankine cycle heat recovery from lower temperature sources such as biomass combustion, industrial waste heat, geothermal heat, solar ponds etc

This system is composed by an evaporator, a heater, a condenser, a pump and a turbine. An ideal pump executes an adiabatic, reversible (isentropic) process to raise the working fluid from the pressure of saturated liquid to the pressure of saturated vapor. A boiler transfers thermal energy from the biomass fuel to the heat transfer fluid then an evaporator exchange the thermal energy from HTF(Heat to ORC working fluid at a constant pressure (isobar transformation) moving from a saturated liquid state to a saturated vapor state where all the fluid is vaporized and then expanded in a vapor turbine that drives a generator, producing electricity. The spent vapor is condensed to liquid and recycled back through the cycle. The cold water comes into the condenser, is heated and more heated by hot fluid loop then uses as hot water and heating.


  • Generates 3 kW electricity 1f 230 V AC
  • 30 kWH Heating
  • Hot Water
  • Automatic Opration Fire Control, Climate Responding Temperature and Reliable
  • 20 years life
  • Size : 1.5m x 1.5 m x 1.7 m High
  • Weight : 100kg


  • Multi-fuel capability that can burn gaseous or liquid fuel as option, solid biomass as standard fuel source.
  • Photovoltaic Panel
  • Storage Battery