yiruri | Air Purifier Built-in Portable Disaster Rescue Device
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Air Purifier Built-in Portable Disaster Rescue Device

Conventional fire detectors are installed on the ceiling by Fire Regulations. Smoke takes a while to reach the detector by natural convection flow. It could be too late to control it then.

Putting the PDRD device next to the bed, fire smoke close to reach the device and the smoke will be effectively sucked into the device by negative ion air stream moving to the positive grid upward, then it alerts fire earlier than having the detector on the ceiling.


Importantly, the negative ion air air stream purifies smoke and toxic gas, preventing from suffocation.

  • Purifies air around including fine dust and toxic gas
  • Detect fire at early start-up and near to you
  • Negative ion generator purifies smoke and toxic gas
  • Detect warning level of fine yellow dust and purifies the dust
  • Built-in emergency red LED flashlight
  • Patent Registered at Korean Intellectual Property Office, on 2017-05-15 Patent Number: 10-1738079